Urban Mission

The 2018 Urban Mission  Fruitful Christianly four week-series was fantastic and provided a great opportunity to explore what faith in action looks like in everyday life in our city. Garth Eichhorn seamlessly brought together scripture, theology and practice, Graham Mabury shared his wisdom gleaned over many years in media and urban mission, and various others shared from their own Urban Mission experience. The Urban Mission Expo on the last night was a wonderful opportunity to hear a little about what is happening in our city and enquire further about some of the urban mission opportunities in our city. 

Fusion is a Christian youth and community organisation which aims to create resilience in individuals and families to equip them to cope with life’s difficulties.

Specializes in helping women and couples find solutions to problem pregnancies. It offers non-judgmental understanding, accurate information, and personalised care.

Exists to provide a safe, residential environment within which women who wish to leave, or stay out of, the sex industry of Australia (who are struggling to achieve this on their own) can live, heal, grow and achieve their goal of living free of sex work and be  introduced to the saving love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Are passionate about releasing people in our nation from a life sentence of debt, poverty and its causes. Services run through local churches, tackling poverty head on.

Street Chaplains work on the streets of our State’s cities and towns providing compassion and crisis pastoral care unconditionally to any in need. They work in teams providing first point of care resources.

National Department of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) committed to communicating the Christian faith in a hands-on, compassionate and meaningful way, providing chaplains for the marketplace and community.

Offers practical assistance to people in Perth through Providence Church.

Leavers Green Team, a ministry of Baptist Churches WA, partners with WA Police to provide the Leavers Entertainment Zone at Dunsborough each November. Volunteers construct and operate rides, DJs, silent disco, chill-out areas, first aid, etc.

Offers opportunities to study and get equipped with some of the top courses in Christian counselling.

A nationally accredited tertiary education institution providing higher education awards from Diplomas through to Masters degrees in an environment of academic excellence that is Christ-centred, Ministry Focussed, and Life Transforming.

Each year YouthCare help thousands of students, staff and family members in Western Australian state school communities by providing an essential social, emotional, mental health and spiritual support service.

TEAR Australia is a movement of Christians in Australia responding to the needs of poor communities around the world. They work in partnership with other Christian groups, including churches, relief and development agencies and community-based organisations, which are working with the poor in their communities.

The Asylum Seeker Hub at Riverview Church runs each week to provide an easy access point for people seeking refuge to receive information and services from a wide range of agencies related to their legal, psychological, welfare and social needs.

Aims to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with prisoners and their families. Volunteers visit prisoners, run programs and sports in prisons, organise camps and provide Christmas presents for prisoners’ children, support ex- prisoners when they are released, run in-prison Bible studies, and provide many other services.

‘No Place for Violence Here’ is a campaign of the Australian Baptist churches (but open to all) to raise awareness of family & domestic abuse and to build an effective response in our churches and wider community.