Church App

We have recently released a Church App for MPBC!


This mobile app (available for iOS and Android) allows us to more easily keep you updated with church news, send you important notifications, and increase effective church communication overall.


You can also access and browse upcoming church events, easily give your offering through the app, and listen to all of the sermon podcasts.


A section for sermon notes is also available, allowing you to follow along with sermons and jot down notes for specific screens, storing them in the app for whenever you’d like to read them again.


This app will keep all the information you need in your pocket! More development is coming for the app, so stay tuned.


To download the app, make sure you’re viewing this page on your phone and tap the appropriate button below. If you’re viewing this is on a desktop computer, the links below will prompt you to enter your mobile phone number, where you’ll then be send a link to download the app (make sure you add the +61 country code).

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