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Welcome to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. This is a great church! And by the grace of God we’re alive and growing. All around us we see clear evidence of God at work amongst his people. One thing that the Lord has really blessed us with is health and vitality right across every age group.

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Following Jesus, Permeating Society, Transforming Lives

Our Ministry Leaders work together as a team in all we do
and greatly value unity.

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Featuring Nick Scott (Senior Pastor), Marcus Wong (Youth Core Leader), Garth Eichhorn (Street Chaplain), Merle & Graham Mabury (Pastor to the Community), Liezl Breytenbach (Former Children & Families Assistant Pastor), John So (Former Chairman of the Board), Peter Christofides (Former Pastor Coolbellup Campus), and the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church congregation.

If you are interested in any more information about our church and its ministries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.