Sunday @ Home

Welcome to Church!

We’re glad you’re here during this season. Please find the Sermon Video below.

If you have musicians in your family and wish to have live worship, we encourage you to do so. Alternatively, we have provided a couple of Worship playlists from Youtube and Spotify for you via the buttons to the right. If you have children in your family, we’ve included a praise clip especially for them. Pastor Mim has also provided some resources for them to work through during your time.

If you missed Nick’s email from Friday afternoon, please see it here.

We hope you have a great time worshipping together!


If you require subtitles while you’re viewing the video, please click the CC button located near the bottom right of the player:

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Please be aware that our Safe Church policies and guidelines apply to all forms of communication.


FaceTime: Video chat between Apple users (requires Apple device and AppleID)

Zoom: Video chat between multiple people & screen share option

** Free version restricts calls to 40 mins only & calls/video are not confidential.

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