Mount Pleasant Baptist Church | Restoration
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A Journey to Healing and Wholeness

Restoration: A Journey to Healing and Wholeness


We all live in a broken world and suffer from brokenness. Jesus Christ has come to bring healing and restoration, and looks to His Church as the restoring community that helps in that process.


Allan and Helen Meyer speak with passion and a wealth of experience on healing and wholeness and living the best life that God intended for us. They help churches cultivate the essential elements of restoring community in Christ.


HELEN: In addition to a teaching qualification, Helen has a Graduate Diploma in Human Relations, a Masters in Education and a Masters in Counselling. She completed her Masters in Sexual Health at Sydney University in 2017. Helen has worked as a teacher, pastor, conference speaker and as Director & Co-Founder of Careforce Lifekeys, where she has developed and authored many programs.


ALLAN: Allan graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and a Diploma in Education. He entered the teaching profession, before going to Bible College and being called into pastoral ministry. Allan holds a Doctor of Ministry from Denver Seminary, with his doctoral project producing the Valiant Man course which has touched 100,000 men around Australia and NZ. Allan is the author of many teaching programs. His latest book is “From Good Man to Valiant Man”.

Allan & Helen

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