2023 Short Term Mission Trips

Short-term Missions Trip is an integral part of our Missional Links program over many years. We have seen the impact of these trips in the lives of the participants as well as the people that these team have visited.  Because of its’ cross-cultural focus, participants gets the opportunity to see what God is doing around the world and in a small way be part of it.


In 2023, we are launching Short-term Missions Trips early for the following reasons:


  1. Pray about it and seek the Lord’s leading whether or not you should go.
  2. Start to save the funds needed for the trip.
  3. Organise leave/time should you decide to go on one of these trips.
  4. Share your vision and involvement in any of these trips with people who may be able to support and encourage you.


Summary of each trip:
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Transform Cambodia Centre 16
19-27 June with Mark & Jane Thrift


26 Sept – 4 Oct with Hudson & Mandy Lun


Approx. Cost: $2,180  |  Participant spots: 8


Two short term visits to our Transform Cambodia Centre 16 in Phnom Penh are planned for 2023. The Centre is located in one of the poorest areas of Phnom Penh. We will visit the centre daily to talk with the kids and help them to practice and improve their English language skills. These trips also establish and strengthen relationships between the kids, staff and team members. Participants need to enjoy talking and working with teenagers. Those with teaching skills would be particularly helpful.

Zambia & Zimbabwe
30 June – 16 July with Keith Gallagher


Approx. Cost: $3,500  |  Participant spots: 6


The opportunity exists to visit established churches in rural and urban areas in both countries. Involvement will be in teaching or training work depending upon the skills of the group members. Fiwale Hill Bible College involvement might be an opportunity for some people, village bible block courses would be another opportunity. The major emphasis is on learning and sharing with the local Christians. If the Australian group is comprised of young adults, then there would be an emphasis on ministry with young people and possible sleeping in the village environment. Accommodation would be in western style guest houses and travel in a mission owned Toyota HiAce minibus. In Zambia it would be rural and village involvement and in Zimbabwe it would be urban township. In the village settings it would be healthy local food. In other locations its basically western. Travel times and distances are longer than one would expect due to the traffic on the roads. Visa’s for the two countries are easy to obtain at the borders.

Indonesia Teachers Training
25 Sept – 1 Oct with Jonathan Anthony, Rod & Gigi Thiele


Approx. Cost: $1,500  |  Participant spots: 6


We will run an intensive seminar focusing on pre-school teaching to 17 teachers who are working in the biggest slum in Jakarta. The seminar content will include teaching pedagogy, creative strategies for engaging children, story-telling, arts & craft and learning some songs and nursery rhymes.

Thailand Baan Sawang English Language Centre
5-13 November with Jonathan Anthony


Approx. Cost: $1,900  |  Participant spots: 9


In partnership with Baan Sawang (English Language Centre) and working alongside Glen and Liz Black, this is an exposure trip where the team will observe, assist, and provide some support at the centre. This could include some tutorials, run classes and fun and games focusing on developing the students’ English language skills as they interact with one another and the team.

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