Mount Pleasant Baptist Church | Clash of Convictions
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Clash of Convictions

Clash of Convictions

Challenging Issues of Our Time


In this event, we’ll be looking at the topics of sexuality, abortion, euthanasia and identity, and discussing both the Christian and secular worldview on each of these topics. These four evening sessions will run on Wednesdays 8, 15, 22 and 29 May with guest speakers.


All Events: Free Admission though registration essential:



Wed 8 May, 7.15pm
IDENTITY – What are the major shapers of our identity?
Keynote speaker – Dr Rory Shiner is the senior Pastor of Providence Church. He studied Arts at the University of Western Australia and theology at Moore College in Sydney. Rory will be sharing on how to live a life where our identity in Christ is the primary shaper of who we are, what we do and what we love.


Wed 15 May, 7.15pm
SEXUALITY – How do we respond with compassion and the truth to key questions around sexuality and gender?
Keynote Speaker – Dan Paterson an ordained pastor and speaker for RZIM International Ministries regularly shares on how the gospel connects to life’s biggest questions and on popular objections to the Christian faith.


Wed 22 May, 7.15pm
EUTHANASIA – What does it mean and is it ok to euthanise our sick, our elderly or even those who feel that life is not worth living?
Keynote Speaker- Matthew Ogilvie is currently a professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame Australia. He holds Bachelors and Master’s degrees from the Sydney College of Divinity and a PhD in theology from the University of Sydney. He will be discussing euthanasia in a broader context, around a culture of death that is steadily taking hold of our society.


Wed 29 May, 7.15pm
ABORTION – What does Scripture say about human life? What does science say?  And what is culture telling us?
Keynote Speaker – Paul O’Rourke will be helping us to negotiate around these three main topics. Paul has his Master’s degree in child development and has completed theological studies.  He was the CEO of Compassion, a child sponsorship and advocacy organisation, for 9 years, and has authored three books related to children. Since 2011 Paul has been the CEO of Emily’s Voice.

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