The Book Shop


The Book Shop is a ministry of the church and is staffed by a wonderful team of volunteers who are always willing to chat, advise and serve you. It also serves the students of Mount Pleasant College in different ways including providing textbooks and stationary.


The Book Shop is a place where people can purchase a wide range of products including books, cards, gifts, DVDs and music. It is also a place where people can browse, chat, receive encouragement and support. Don’t be shy: come in and have a look around!


Book of the Month – “Encouragement: The Unexpected Power of Building Others Up” by Dr Larry Crabb and Dr Dan Allender.

If God is good and loving, why is there so much pain in the world? There are no neat and tidy answers to this question. In this passionately argued book, Tim Keller offers guidance and encouragement to those for whom suffering is not an abstraction, but a fact of life. Acclaimed writer and pastor Timothy Keller grapples with the age-old question: how do we deal with pain and suffering, both in our own lives and in the world around us?

Opening Hours – For Book Collection Only


9.00 AM – 12.00 PM


497 Marmion Street, Booragoon