Mount Pleasant Baptist Church | Candid Conversations About Sexuality
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Candid Conversations About Sexuality

Candid Conversations About Sexuality is a series of talks on the topic of sexuality in relation to Christian living (coming July 2018).


All sessions will be run by guest speaker Patricia Weerakoon , a sexologist, author and speaker. As an Evangelical Christian, all of Patricia’s work flows from a Biblical, Christ-centred worldview. She has a recognised media presence and is a highly regarded public speaker and social commentator in sexuality and sexual health. As a sexologist, Patricia has translated her passion to bring good holistic sexual health to all people into practical sex education, sex research and sex therapy.

Patricia Weerakoon

There will be Q & A opportunities at all events, and books and resources will be available for purchase.


Explore the events below to discover which sessions will be relevant and applicable to you.