Mount Pleasant Baptist Church | If My People (Series)
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If My People (Series)

Morning & Evening Services
(both campuses):

If My People

Prayer is an essential part of Christian life.
At Mount Pleasant Baptist we believe that it is so important that the entire preaching series for Feb/March will be an exploration of the nature of prayer and its transforming impact on the life of believers, the family of God and the wider community.


Join with us as the Lord teaches us to pray …

  • 4 FebruaryIf My People…
  • 11 FebruaryLord, Teach Us To Pray
  • 18 FebruaryYour Name
    PM Eats
  • 25 FebruaryYour Kingdom
Coolbellup Campus (AM Service)

If My People (Series)

Booragoon Campus (AM Service)

8.45am & 10.30am
If My People (Series)

Booragoon Campus (PM Service)

If My People (Series)

Booragoon, Coolbellup